Our company is established in order to increase the surface quality and aesthetics by the most appropriate way to meet the needs of our customers as providing reliable solutions and being the number one solution provider  for the their needs . 

For this purpose, we are providing agency and technical service for Turkish Ceramic Industry by representation of world wide well-known companies in order to implement surface operations successfully on tiles .

Represented companies starting from tile forming(pressing) process, respectively ;
-Flat, structured and relief punches and complete die set systems ; MACER,
-Glazing lines accessories and machines ; TEKMAK,
-Glaze, metallic glaze, ceramic colors and pigments, design issues; VIDRES,
-Digital printing machines; CRETAPRINT,
-Polishing-lappato and squaring lines; BMR,
-Diamonds, magnesite /resin abbresive fickerts , squaring and chamfering disks which are used in Polishing/Lappato/Squaring lines ; SURFACES,

DPS works with the principle of continuity in service and quality guarantee of success and representation, by thanking you for your close attention will support for you today and will continue to provide the best service in the future.